Our salsa structure

In Rhythmia we teach what is known as LA style or Puerto Rican style (On1). This style can both be very smooth and elegant or you can turn up the heat and make it sexy and energetic!

This style has become extremely popular in nightclubs, both in Zürich and around the world and is one of the most widespread salsa styles in the world and will allow you to dance almost anywhere in the world you decide to you go! Maybe because you do not need a regular partner and can dance with anyone or maybe because of the happy and upbeat music. You be the judge of that.

Our levels are structured in such way that each level builds on the foundation of the previous one. We emphasize on giving individual feedback in all levels and maximizing your learning.

All classes have rolling start dates (e.g. you can start whenever you want) with the exception for "Absolute salsa beginner". In this level we have specific start dates as we want to make sure the fundamentals are really understood and rooted in each dancer.

(If you find it difficult to decide your level, reach out to us and let us help, or register for a trial class to see where you feel home!).

Zürich summer salsa party

This is our most basic level in which you learn the fundamentals of partner dancing. This is more than just doing “the steps” as we emphasize on posture, arm movements and lead & follow techniques. These beginner classes are perfectly suited for students with none or little LA style salsa experience.

In our second level we go further in the lead & follow techniques, you’ll learn new basic turns and more footwork. We will help you understand what it takes to be fluid on the dance floor, make your dancing smoother, and dig deeper into the dancing skills while learning to add body movement and body control. This is not the right level if you don’t know your basics yet ;)

Everything you have learned in the previous courses is now combined into longer and more exciting turn patterns with advanced spin techniques. There will also be more emphasis on styling, especially for the ladies. In our intermediate levels, you are expected to have a good overall lead & follow technique, know your turns and are comfortable on the dance floor.

This class is our highest level and is designed for students who want to master their dancing technique. There is a lot of dancing in each class accompanied by fast music and passion! Perfection is the key here!

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Salsa schedule

18:15 - 19:25 LA style Beginner (Rachel & Roz) - Start date 30.6.2021
19:30 - 20:40 LA style Improver (Rachel & Roz) - Start any time!
20:45 - 21:55 LA style Improver (Rachel & Roz) - Start any time!

18:15 - 19:25 LA style Beginner (Rachel & Roz) - Start date 1.7.2021
19:30 - 20:40 LA style Intermediate (Rachel & Roz) - Start any time! 
20:45 - 21:55 LA style Beginner (Rachel & Roz) - Start date 1.7.2021 


Please note – start dates are dependent on what is allowed by BAG. If any of the classes cannot start due to COVID-19 restrictions, we will reach out to you as soon as possible and either offer you a full refund, or if you let you switch to a later class, whichever suits you better.

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