Salsa and bachata festivals

Rhythmia is represented in numerous festivals across the world and can offer you heavily discounted prices on tickets! Our tickets are full pass tickets, which means, all parties, all pre-parties, all classes, all shows, all social activities all fun and all everything!

Join us to see why festivals are so fun! We usually book everything together so if you are new to this, rest assured that someone will take care of you, show you all the good stuff and secrets in the festivals :)

Amsterdam salsa festival

Amsterdam International Salsa Festival
Date: 2022 TBD

In the heart of the Netherlands, one of the finest festivals, with salsa, bachata, kizomba and classes from early morning till late evening!

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Berlin salsa congress

Berlin Salsa Congress
Date: 2021 Aug 26-29

Right in the middle of beautiful Berlin is the always fresh Berlin Salsa Festival, with parties that never stop and classes till you drop!

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salsafestival zürich

Switzerland Salsa Festival
Date: 2022 TBD

One of the oldest and best festivals, Switzerland Salsa Festival offers something for everyone on multiple floors!

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Croatia salsa festival

Croatia Salsa and bachata Festival
Date: 2022 TBD

The summer party that sets the standard! A crowd from all over the world awaits you in beautiful Rovinj for dancing that never ends!

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