The Rhythmia team

All our classes is all about having a good time learning while learning how to become a great dancer! We concentrate just as much on the technical aspect of dancing as to the social interaction between our students. You will notice this in class; you will become a great dancer really fast while having a good time! And no matter which class you go to, we are all looking forward to seeing you in class and make you love dancing just as much as we do!

Who are we?

Rhythmia Salsa - Rachelita & Roz

Rachelita & Roz


Passionate dance couple with years of teaching and dancing experience, bringing you fast paced and energetic moves and footwork!

Rhythmia Salsa - Sandra & Syd

Sandra & Syd

Known for their elegant, yet sexy dancing style, they will show you some of the smoothest moves there are to know!

Cali Salsa - Michael Herran

Salsa Caleña

Years and years of experience both as teacher and performer makes Michael an amazing teacher and dancer. A unique class to take!

Rhythmia Bachata -

Coming soon!    

Our dance studio

Where other dance studios place any type of floor, the Rhythmia dance floor is tailor built for dancing, with real floating parquet floor built on sound isolating underlay across the whole studio! If this does not say anything to you now, ask your knees, they will know the difference! Oh, and all of it environmental friendly built!

As for the music, we boast 2 pieces of 12" 1200 watt active speakers in the dance area, ensuring perfectly tuned music all across the studio. Our speakers have been linked to an high quality mixer, allowing for our students to also also play their favourite tunes! Got a song you love? Share it!

The studio is approximately 200 sqm, split between dance floor / teaching area, bar & lounge area, dressing room and bathroom.

That´s not all, we also care for your health and freshness in our dance studio! We have state of the art automatic dehumidifiers across the dance studio to keep you feeling dry and fresh at all times, while ensuring you always breath clean and fresh air!

Finally the bar! What is a dance school without the its own bar and lounge? This is the natural before / after class hangout, for a coffee, beer, wine, and chit chat (and more dancing!). Come by, make friends before and after class and meet fellow students in a friendly atmosphere!

Communication is easy by whatever means you decide to come; by bike it is approx. 12 minutes from Zürich HB. Tram 2 stops right outside the door ("Freihofstrasse"), bus 31 will take you to "SBB Werkstätte" with a few minutes walking distance to the dance school or by train to Zürich Altstetten and then a short bus ride. By car you will find plenty of free parking spots in the Letzipark, about 5 minutes walking from the dance studio.

See pictures of our studio below, or better yet, come by and say hi!

Interested in renting the studio or do you want to throw a company event that will be remembered? Drop us an email and we will make it happen!

Did you know that our website is hosted on green servers and part of our profit goes to charity? Your dancing makes the world a better place, thank you!