Salsa and bachata party

Salsa & Bachata student party

Welcome to our Rhythmia parties, every second Friday of the Month! Each month we will have a new and exciting workshop, starting at 20:30 and after that a party, starting at 21:30 and going on till "a bit" after midnight.

The workshop and party costs CHF 15, only entrance for the party costs CHF 10. For our Rhythmia students the party entrance is of course free ;)

The playlist is a mix of salsa and bachata all night long. If you have a special song or request, we will of course play that too!

Please note our house rule; we do not allow for outdoor shoes in the dance school as they are not kind to our dance floor.

Do you want to get a reminder every month when the party is, what the monthly workshop will be and when we give free classes? Then join our whatsapp group via this link:

Are we not open for social dancing? Use our partner site to find a place to dance on

Did you know that our website is hosted on green servers and part of our profit goes to charity? Your dancing makes the world a better place, thank you!